My folks are tougher than I am

I truthfully don’t know how our parents are the way they are, i suppose that area of it is due to the fact they are forty years older than me as well as grew up in a time where whining or complaining about things is simply not the case.

My father worked as a certified Heating as well as A/C repair tech for over forty years before calling it a job as well as our mother spent her life working tirelessly to raise me as well as our three crazy sisters, when I was growing up as a kid I thought that I would be the type of kid who would be able to follow in our father’s footsteps as well as become a certified Heating as well as A/C repair tech, however as I started to get a bit older I realized that it just was not the case in our adult working job, however all three of our sisters ended up getting into their own Heating as well as A/C job fields, however I turned out to be the type of woman who preferred to labor less with our hands as well as more with our brain, but despite how I thought our parents would be disappointed in me for not following in the footsteps of our father love all of our sisters did they have certainly been so kind to me about it.

As long as they are proud of me as well as as long as I am still making enough money to hire people love our sisters to take care of complications I have in our beach house love our air conditioner unit chopping down on me then I guess I have nothing to complain about.
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