I was able to save money heating my house the past winter

Office parties are never my thing, because I’ve seen several people completely ruin or lose their careers at an office party.

It’s painful to witness & makes zero sense to me.

I was absolutely surprised that I received something cool from this year’s office party. I tend to be the office Heating & Air Conditioning setting manager because someone has to do it or it wouldn’t be a good party. Because of this, my colleagues purchased me an instant temperature reading gun. It was funny & I thought it was the best gag gift. Even so, I left the party as soon as I saw the opportunity. Once I got home, I began thinking about the temperature gun & what I could do with it. I’d been saying that I wanted to be proactive about getting the most out of the Heating & Air Conditioning system during the wintertime. My house runs on the colder side due to a combination of terrible Heating & Air Conditioning settings & drafts. Well, that temperature gun was a huge help to me. I decided to use it around my home to see if I could find where the cold air was coming in. What I discovered shocked me. My home was leaking Heating & Air Conditioning treated air in several areas, which was why it was costing me a lot of money to heat the house. So much of my heated air was traveling out of the cracks. I was able to mark the spots and then have them all sealed up. That little temperature gun saved me hundreds of dollars in heating costs last winter.
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