Renting for my car repair business was a good move

I have been fixing up cars out of my back yard since before I was even the right age to drive. Over the years I ended up converting my parents’ ancient modern home into a body shop. My parents were ecstatic to sell the arena to me many years back. Now this area is not zoned for industrial business… When I started working on cars nobody minded in the least… I still don’t really think that our neighbors mind in the slightest. However, our competition does. They have been attempting to run me out of town for a long time. That is because our task is so much better than theirs. I am absolutely thriving. They are not. That is the reason why they got the town to shut me down. Essentially, I have to stop fixing cars in this residential area. I won’t be shut down very easy though. Instead I started looking for an industrial section for rent in Northland… And guess what? I found the most suitable industrial section to rent. It is even closer to our competition than before. It took roughly a month for our employees to transport all of our equipment to the modern rented section and now the people I was with and I are back in business again. The lot of us are doing better than ever. I like that this modern industrial section I rented in Northland has a huge amount of room. That means no more cars parked all over the neighborhood streets. It is honestly safer that way too. My employees adore the fact that they can park on our rented lot rather than blocks away too. I should have looked for an industrial section to rent in Northland much sooner. Now I can grow our business even more.

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