Wifi thermostat is a huge improvement

I got by with an old-fashioned mercury thermostat for the first ten years after we bought our house.

The thermostat was nothing more than a plastic dial we needed to manually adjust. I allowed us to set the indoor temperature and that’s it. There were no other fancy features, and the control wasn’t all that accurate. Just recently, we made the upgrade into a smart thermostat that connects to our wireless internet service and allows us to remotely adjust temperature settings. I like that I’m able to monitor the operation of the furnace and air conditioner from virtually anywhere. Whether I’m at work, at the one my children’s sporting events or half a world away on vacation, I receive alerts in the event of a heating or cooling unit malfunction. I don’t need to stress over coming home to frozen pipes and catastrophic damage. The smart thermostat is very easy to program and utilize the features. I simply downloaded the app and now have all sorts of information and options right at my fingertips. However, I rarely need to make any adjustments because the thermostat detects when my family is home or away. It knows our typical schedule and also tracks the location of our smartphones. Whenever we enter or leave a geographic radius around the property, it reacts accordingly, either conserving energy or providing ideal comfort. I no longer need to remember to raise or lower the thermostat setting before rushing out in the morning, and we don’t step inside an overheated or freezing cold house. Plus, the thermostat tracks our energy consumption and offers tips to save money.

Wifi thermostat