The new air conditioner that I got is pretty nice

The new air conditioner that I got is pretty nice. I dropped my last air conditioner out the window, and it was not pretty. I looked for a few weeks before I was able to find a new air conditioner because of all of the virus stuff going on in our country. None of the air conditioners that I wanted were in stock, so they had to be ordered and shipped to the store. It took me almost two months to actually get an air conditioner. The thing that really stinks about that is the fact that the summer weather has already started to disappear. I don’t think that I am going to need my air conditioner much longer. It is so silly that I got my air conditioner just before the winter weather will hit. It really isn’t my fault though. I didn’t think that it would take so long to get a new air conditioner. I knew that things were out of stock, but I didn’t think that all of the air conditioners that I wanted would be out of stock. I had three different options for air conditioners, but none of them were in stock. Even though I had to wait for quite awhile for my new air conditioner, I really do love my new air conditioner very much. It is one of the coolest air conditioners that I have ever seen. I actually can control my air conditioner with my smartphone which is really neat. I am glad that I did end up getting an air conditioner even if it took way longer to get it than I expected it to take.