The youngsters playroom

Both of us just completed a crucial renovation and add on project to our home, both of us built a playroom for our youngsters out of our basement… It was quite an investment to do this, however we wanted them to have a fun and safe locale within the beach condo to do their thing and hang out with their friends, then the last section of the playroom was that we needed some kind of central heating and air conditioner for it.

In the basement there were no air vents or air duct running throughout there.

Both of us had considered building some kind of air duct and air vents for central heating and air conditioner to go through there. But then I found out about a much easier and cheaper way to do it, but not to mention the energy savings it would have. That was to get a ductless mini split a/c and have it converted to a ductless mini split heating and a/c. This cost a little money having to hire a certified heating and air conditioner specialist to do the conversion. But it worked out just good and great. The ductless mini split heats and cools the new playroom great! It is just love having a central heating and a/c with air duct and all running through there, however no air vents needed and no air duct laying needed; My youngsters believe good indoor comfort in there because of the ductless mini split plan we applied to getting heating & air conditioner into the playroom.

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