It’s important to get all the facts

I’m getting an estimate on any big task, it’s important that you get a detailed sheet that includes all of the tasks that has all under the responsibility of the company, my spouse and I wanted to install central Heating and Air Conditioning in our beach lodge. All of us knew it was going to be a actually big task that would be both costly and painstaking. My spouse looked online for a company and both of us called a few people to get an estimate on the project. All three estimates were widely different, but my spouse and I decided to go with the cheapest 1. All of us were gleeful to save $3,000 on the task! Unfortunately, both of us found out that the company was not going to provide a lot of the services that both of us thought would be included. The Heating and Air Conditioning equipment was not included in the estimate and both of us had to argument with a company to get him to reduce the bill. The Heating and Air Conditioning company refused to adjust the bill and both of us entered into a lawsuit to have our money refunded. All of us had to call an entirely odd Heating and Air Conditioning company to complete the task and both of us lost our initial down payment in the process. Thank goodness the court decided in our favor. The Heating and Air Conditioning company was forced to refund our initial payment and pay for the court fees. All of us entirely l gained a actually pricey lesson about companys. Anytime you have work done, make sure you learn the estimate in detail so it includes everything! A odd judge may not have found in our favor and both of us got lucky.
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