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There’s nothing worse than your air conditioner quitting on you in the middle of a burning hot, Missouri summer day. A faulty air conditioner during warm weather can be more than uncomfortable, a lack of climate control can result in water and mold damage occurring due to increased temperatures and increased levels of humidity. This is especially true if you are planning on going on vacation or leaving your home for a few days or longer during the warmer months of the year. Having your AC serviced before you leave your home unattended for a period of time is a great way to provide you with some peace of mind during your trip.

If your HVAC is acting up, air conditioning repair services are a great place to start before considering whether you need to replace your AC altogether. Whether a complete air conditioner replacement is needed, or your AC just needs a quick check-up, always make sure to only allow experts to service and inspect your air conditioner. Air conditioner repair jobs should always be completed by seasoned experts who know their business in order to avoid further complicating the issue. Air conditioners can be complicated and difficult appliances to maintain and service when not handled with care and expertise.

Let’s look over some of the common issues your air conditioning system can run into that can be fixed with a service call from your local HVAC specialist.

AC Repair Kansas City

Clogged filters can cause breakdowns in both furnaces and air conditioners. A clogged filter forces your unit to overwork itself due to the airflow blockage present in the system. This can increase your air conditioner’s consumption of energy as well as increase the likelihood of a complete breakdown. Make sure you keep an eye on your filters and replace them often – especially during the hot season.

Another common issue that air conditioners can face that will require an AC repair expert is leaking or low refrigerant. A low level of refrigerant can be due to improper charging during installation or the unit springing a leak. If it just needs a top-off that’s easy enough to deal with; however, a leak is another problem entirely. Adding more coolant to a leaky system would be a waste of refrigerant, so make sure if your levels are low it’s not due to a leak which would require an expert technician to find and solve the issue.

Kansas City Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioner repair jobs and service calls can also check for electric control failures that can result in frequent switching of the system on and off. Compressor and fan controls can wear out over time due to wire and terminal corrosion. Electrical connections and contacts are checked by expert technicians during service calls.

In addition to corrosion causing AC issues, a faulty sensor in your thermostat can also cause AC malfunctions that will require AC repair in Kansas City. Your sensor is responsible for measuring the temperature of the air coming into the evaporative coil. The sensor can become knocked out of position, and when this happens, the air conditioning unit can become erratic and constantly cycle. The thermostat sensor needs to be near the coils without touching them in order to perform optimally.

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Any one of these issues or a combination of these among other problems can all result in AC malfunctions that require the attention of a trained HVAC ac repair specialist. However, there are times when your AC system is beyond repair, or it’s no longer cost-effective to continually repair your system as it continues to degrade and breakdown. Determining whether it’s time to ditch the old AC unit and replace it altogether is a multi-step process that can be made much easier with expert advice and guidance from  trained Kansas City HVAC repair professionals like All 4 One Heating and Cooling. ac