Nothing beats a well insulated house with lots of natural shade

If walking long distances is not an issue, people will often go out of their way to find a shaded parking spot under a tree or next to a large building.

The reasoning is simple—lower temperatures in the shade keep your car from getting as hot as it would in direct sunlight. This is of particular importance if you have perishable food or candy in your car that can melt or spoil. Although there is a grocery store a few minutes from my condo, I like to drive across town to a bigger store that has a larger selection at a lower price. It’s worth an extra 10 minutes on the road driving there and coming back. But if I want to stop anywhere else on the way home, finding a shaded spot is at the forefront of my mind, even if I have a thermal bag in the car for cold groceries. I tend to view homes in much the same light, whether you own a house or live in a condo like I do. I was really lucky that the condo I ended up choosing out of a list happened to be the most shaded, with trees blocking part of the eastern and western sides of the unit from too much morning and afternoon sunlight. Although I have to hear neighbors in all directions, being at the center of a building also means you have thermal insulation on all but one or two sides of your unit at the most. With a house, you have open air and radiant heat coming from all directions but the base of your home. It’s going to be easier and cheaper to run air conditioning in the condo than it is in a standard house, even if the square footage is exactly the same. Your home will simply stay cooler for longer without the need for the same level of indoor climate control.
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Stopping by to see the parents

Now that I have had to move away from my hometown in order to start my new job it has caused a bit of a strain on the relationship that my parents and I have.

Now don’t get me wrong we still get along just fine, but now that they are getting older they haven’t been able to take care of their home as much as they would like.

Now that I’m not around as often to do these things for them they have been forced to reach out to others for assistance, and the other day one of the people they reached out to ended up trying to scam them. The problem initially started when the air conditioning unit in my parents home started to show signs of breaking down. At the time my parents didn’t think much of it and they called the first number that popped up when they used the search term “ HVAC companies near me”. Because you can pay to promote your company to the top of these pages a very unreputable HVAC company was the one they reached out to. These scammers tried to convince my parents to pay three times the amount of money just for an HVAC checkup while being extremely rude and unprofessional. Fortunately I had been at a work meeting in my parents town and was able to come by when they started to have problems with the contractor. With me there they ended up leaving rather quickly but it still had me worried. Reguardess of what job I am able to get I’m planning to move back to be closer to my parents. Family is important to me, and I will make sure that they are never at risk of getting ripped off ever again.


Starting the year right

When it comes to starting a new chapter of your life there are always some things that are going to be difficult.

Recently I graduated college and moved into a house with my girlfriend and during this time we have been exposed to a totally new set of problems in life that we never knew existed.

One of the first things that popped up was the air conditioning unit installed in our home. Out of seemingly nowhere the old piece of junk began to make all different types of sounds during the day and the overall air quality of the home has started to decline. Due to the fact that neither myself or my girlfriend know the first thing when it comes to HVAC repair we thought that the best option was to buy a cheap window mounted A/C unit that we found on sale. This did the trick for a few days, but with how weak this new A/C unit was combined to the size of our home it didn’t take long for us to start looking for a new solution. Thanks to the help of our parents we were able to do some online research and found a reputable HVAC company that offered first time homeowners free HVAC maintenance checks for up to a year. These guys were able to get our old A/C unit running like it was brand new and we haven’t had any problems since. I hope that we don’t have to see these guys on too much of a regular basis because that would mean our A/C unit was failing us, but if we do at least we know that we are in good and reliable hands.


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I finally downsized our whole-house air purifier

I finally downsized our whole-house air purifier, and I am happy with myself. I had been wanting to get a smaller whole-house air purifier for our office at toil for a few weeks, and I finally broke down and just purchased 1. I did not want to spend a lot of money on another whole-house air purifier because I had just purchased the crucial 1 for our office, and it was quite upscale. I knew that I needed to do something though because our office was just too crowded. I consistently ran into our whole-house air purifier because it took up a significant portion of our office. I dealt with it for a few weeks because I spent so much money on the whole-house air purifier, and I didn’t want to waste that money. I decided to put our big whole-house air purifier up for sale to see if anyone would buy it. I ended up selling it for only several dollars less than I paid for it. I was able to buy a smaller whole-house air purifier and still have money left over, however selling our greater whole-house air purifier turned out to particularly be quite a blessing. I was so hesitant at first, but I am happy that I finally decided to sell that whole-house air purifier. I am genuinely happy with our new little whole-house air purifier. The little 1 seems to toil just and the 1 that I sold, and I am genuinely happy about that because I was a little worried that the new whole-house air purifier would not toil as well. I like having an whole-house air purifier that particularly fits well in our tiny office.


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My son bought myself and others an UV air purifier

My son bought myself and others an UV air purifier, plus I could not be happier, but i prefer my children so much. It has been quite difficult for myself and others lately, then the empty nest has hit myself and others hard! My partner plus I just sent our youngest child off to school, plus I just wasn’t ready. I don’t know if I would have ever been ready for it, even though I actually did not expect to be this overcome with emotion. I just celebrated my forty-eighth birthday, plus it was not like my respected parties, but we make a big deal about birthdays in our home, plus both of us usually go out with the whole family plus celebrate. This year, it was just myself and others plus my partner. I was ecstatic to have him of course, however it just wasn’t the same without our children there.The only thing that made up for it was a gift that my youngest son bought me; He had it sent to our house. It was an UV air purifier that I had been wanting for months. I told him about it right before he left for school. I don’t even remember how both of us got to talking about UV air purifiers, although he remembered that I mentioned that I wanted a certain UV air purifier. He has constantly been a single to spend money attention to details, even though I cannot know that he remembered the brand plus model of UV air purifier that I wanted. I actually prefer the UV air purifier. The UV air purifier is everything that I had hoped it would be plus more. I may get a sixth UV air purifier for my office at work, even though I am not sure yet. It is just such a nice UV air purifier that I want another a single.

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I keep running into my whole-house air purifier

I spent a lot of money on the whole-house air purifier that I have in my office though

I keep running into my whole-house air purifier, and it is aggravating me. I bought an whole-house air purifier for my office a few weeks back, and on one hand, I appreciate it, and on the other hand, I dislike it. I appreciate knowing that I have wipe air to breathe in all afternoon while I am at work, but I am not a fan of how much space the whole-house air purifier takes up in my office. The whole-house air purifier is not a crucial one, however it is crucial when compared to my office. I have a tiny office, and that whole-house air purifier takes up about a fifth of my space. Looking back, I wish I would have invested in a smaller whole-house air purifier for my office. I bought the same one for my office as the one that I had in my apartment because I truly liked the whole-house air purifier in my house. It is truly a lovely whole-house air purifier, however it is just too immense for my small office space. I don’t guess I could even count how many times I have run into my whole-house air purifier at work, but no matter how I arrange my office space, I keep running into that whole-house air purifier. It is so aggravating to say the least. I am thinking about getting rid of that whole-house air purifier and getting a different one. I spent a lot of money on the whole-house air purifier that I have in my office though. It is a hard decision for me. I may try to sell the whole-house air purifier that I have in my office and use the money towards a new, smaller whole-house air purifier.


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I’m so grateful that a few months ago I invested heavily in upgrading my heating and cooling system at my house.

For many years the central HVAC system had been steadily declining energy efficiency and overall air quality.

No matter how many times I called out the local HVAC technician, he could never seem to improve my slowly degrading air quality control equipment. For years, he recommended that I upgrade my air handling system to a more modern HVAC plan. Of course, I couldn’t afford to purchase brand new heating and cooling equipment, or else I wouldn’t be so desperately trying to keep this sinking ship afloat. I put off the massive HVAC overhaul for over five years, before finally pulling the trigger a few months ago. Thank God I did, because immediately afterwards the COVID-19 pandemic began. I’ve been spending more time with my high quality indoor air than I ever could have expected. Every morning when I wake up and feel ice cold air streaming freely from my air vents, I’m glad that I made this enormous investment in my indoor air quality control. In fact, I liked it so much that my HVAC system is now impeding my plans with other people. Earlier this week, I was going to drive 1200 miles to visit my mom while I have this mandatory time away from work. I was two hours into the trek when she called me and said her AC system had stopped working five minutes earlier. She was trying to get an HVAC technician out to the house to repair the busted air quality control equipment, but the local heating and cooling shop was booked solid. I thought about her broken AC unit for about one moment before I turned my car around. I told my mom to let me know when she had air conditioning again.

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My sister thinks she can predict the weather

Everyone tried to talk my sister out of a June wedding.

After all, it’s extremely humid and unreasonably hot during the month of June.

My sister had her heart set on a beach wedding with waves and sand in all of the pictures. It sounded nice in theory, but it would have been a much better experience during the month of October or November. My sister and her fiance rented a large tent to place on the beach. The ceremony and the reception was held inside of the tent. My sister thought there would be enough breeze from the ocean to keep everyone comfortable. I tried to talk to my sister and her fiance. I even offered to rent them several portable AC units, at a low-cost. I am the assistant manager for a large HVAC products company. We rent several portable AC units, and I was ready to give my sister a great deal. I offered to get her one for every coroner of the tent. She insisted that the bulky machines would look terrible and she refused to listen to the weather report. Three days before the wedding, the temperature was forecasted to be in the triple digit range. Without any portable AC machines, the wedding was a complete and total disaster. Most of the guests left before the reception even started and that cake melted all over the table. Everyone tried to tell my sister that the heat would ruin her perfect day. Even though we didn’t want to be right, that is exactly what occurred on that hot and humid day.



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Traffic accident slows down work drive

It usually takes 30 minutes to drive to work each morning.

It’s a 13 Mile Journey, but a lot of the drive is through town.

I always try to leave the house with plenty of time to spare. I set my alarm for 6, so I can have a cup of coffee, two eggs, toast, and an English muffin. I try to leave the house at 7, so I get to work a bit early. If there is a minimal amount of traffic, I can still arrive to work with plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately, sometimes there are traffic incidents that can hold up cars for hours. This morning I was on my way to work. I was only 2 miles away from the shop when I saw all of the cars start to slow down. I was close enough to the accident to see all of the cars involved. Thankfully, I was far enough away that I could slow down without hitting anyone. One of the vehicles in the accident was an HVAC repair truck. It was turned upside down on the highway. It was sitting next to a small Ford that looked like an accordion. I don’t know if the HVAC repair truck caused the accident or not, but the truck was clearly damaged more severely than the car. I waited in traffic for 2 hours, before the entire scene was cleaned up. When traffic started to move, I noticed two more vehicles in the median. They were just as broken and mangled as the HVAC repair truck and the car.


Three loads of air filters should keep us rocking for a few months

My job can be very stressful at times. It’s my job to order all of the supplies necessary to run a 550 Bed Hospital. When we first began to read about the coronavirus, I thought it might be a good idea to stock up on air filters. I also ordered some additional supplies like masks, gloves, and alcohol sanitizing solution. My boss was adamant that the supplies were not necessary, but I used some emergency funding to buy the extra supplies. I purchased three loads of air filters for all of the air purifiers located around the hospital. We have more than a dozen different air purifiers throughout the building, and we change each one of the air filters every other week. I wanted to be certain that we wouldn’t run out of necessary supplies. It’s been almost three months since I made that order, and we still have some air filters in the supply building. It’s a good thing too, because our supplier will only allow us to buy half of the supplies that we usually purchase. We would be in bad shape right now if we didn’t have all of the extra supplies. I don’t see this problem ending anytime soon, so I’m still stocking up on everything that is necessary to keep the hospital running properly. The last thing I want to do is run out of personal protection equipment when my staff is trying to fight a global pandemic. I think it is a shame for any hospital to run out of gloves and masks during a crisis such as this.


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