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The other morning I happened to be stopping over at my friend’s apartment.

  • They live in an apartment complex in town.

I had to drop off some papers for them, because we both work the same job and they were out sick. So they wanted to work from home. As I was leaving I noticed some abandoned shopping carts in the parking lot. Since there is a shopping center close by, a lot of people steal carts and wheel them into the apartment complex so they can walk home from wherever. In one of these abandoned shopping carts I could not believe what I found! Several packs of HEPA air filters just sitting there! It wasn’t like anyone left them there and they were coming back to get them. These were literally a ton of HEPA air filters that obviously someone stole and decided to ditch! I could not find any store price tag on them telling me which store they came from. So, being the shady person i can be sometimes I decided to take advantage of this situation or find, and I began to take the HEPA air filters and load them up into my car! HEPA air filters can be pretty pricey, and my whole home air purification system I have at home needs HEPA air filters in order to run properly. It was coming up on the time that I had to buy some new HEPA air filters. So I said to myself, since these are obviously abandoned, i’ll just take them for myself and save money!

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A long afternoon at the bank

I had to go to the bank the other afternoon to take care of some fraud that happened on my account when my debit card was stolen.

It just so happens that at the time I decided to go, it was super crowded and I was going to be stuck waiting for a banker for at least 2 to 3 hours! I was not too happy about this.

However, the thing that made it a bit more bearable was the fact that the bank had a really good commercial heating and air conditioning system. The temperature outside was at least one hundred degrees because this is the time of year when it starts getting really hot here. So thanks to the really great air conditioning and the great air quality that came with the great air conditioning, I was at least feeling good being in the bank. They had these nice chairs you could sit on to wait the long time that I was being quoted. And the chairs happened to be right under the large air vents that were high up on the vaulted ceiling. So therefore, I was actually feeling this wonderful air conditioning and great air quality pumping right down on me! It was absolutely fabulous! When it came time for my turn finally to get this fraud situation taken care of, I almost did not want to leave that chair and the great air conditioning and air quality pumping down on me! I have to admit, the air conditioning and air quality was so relaxing, that I almost fell asleep!


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Waiting out the winter down south

A couple of months ago I decided to pack up and head out for a two months vacation on an island in the south.

This was something that I had been wanting to do for so many years yet I never ended up being able to pull the trigger thanks to one thing or another popping up at the last minute. The first two weeks while on my vacation was great and extremely relaxing, however as more days passed and the world pandemic started to grow out of control I ended up getting stranded here with no more flights entering or leaving for the next month. At first I couldn’t believe that I would be getting quarantined on this island. While at the start it sounded like a scary thing being stuck so far away from home it has actually been pretty great so far. One of the main reasons that I have been able to enjoy myself instead of feeling sorry for myself is because I am staying in a lovely beach house. This house had a zoned heating and cooling system which has given me the ability to keep my bedroom extremely cold just the way I like it while and still keep the living room area at a moderate temperature. The person who owns this house has been extremely understanding and we have been able to work out a deal with one another until I am able to go home. In the meantime I will just be self quarantining in my temporary home with my amazing zoned heating system Sure its not ideal, but it could be far worse!

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My parents are tougher than I am

I honestly don’t know how my parents are the way they are.

I think that part of it is due to the fact they are forty years older than me and grew up in a time where whining or complaining about things is simply not the case.

My father worked as a certified HVAC repair tech for over forty years before calling it a career and my mother spent her life working tirelessly to raise me and my three crazy brothers. When I was growing up as a kid I thought that I would be the type of kid who would be able to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a certified HVAC repair tech, but as I started to get a bit older I realized that it just was not the case in my adult working career. All three of my brothers ended up getting into their own HVAC career fields, however I turned out to be the type of person who preferred to work less with my hands and more with my brain. Despite how I thought my parents would be disappointed in me for not following in the footsteps of my father like all of my brothers did they have actually been so kind to me about it. As long as they are proud of me and as long as I am still making enough money to hire people like my brothers to take care of problems I have in my home like my air conditioning unit breaking down on me then I guess I have nothing to complain about.

The Morning News Did a Segment About Air Quality

Along with cleaning and sterilizing surfaces, homeowners want to know how to keep the air they’re breathing free of viruses and bacteria.

I’m one of those people who are eager to eliminate airborne illness, so I’ve been doing everything I can to clean the air in my home.

Air quality is a hot topic right now, so it wasn’t difficult finding information. In fact, the morning news did an entire segment about cleaning the air in a home. They interviewed one of the top HVAC dealers in the area about air quality, and he assured the viewers that it was simple. The first thing homeowners needed to do was clean all the carpets and drapes, because they were known for hoarding bacteria. If you could eliminate it completely, that was even better. Next, he suggested washing all the bedding in hot water at least once per week. Third, the HVAC dealer said that having good ventilation in spaces like the kitchen and bathroom were crucial. Excess heat could come in contact with plastic products lying around, which would give off toxic chemicals. Then, he said that homeowners should switch their air filters to HEPA certified filters, because they were reliable and most effective. Official HEPA air filters would trap all dust, debri, viruses and bacteria. By implementing these simple things inside the home, the air was bound to remain as clean and sterile as possible. It seemed like a lot of work, but I was stuck at home anyway, so I had no excuse not to take these suggestions.



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I Was Able to Buy a Certified UV Air Purifier Before Things Got Bad

When I expressed my interest in purchasing an UV air purifier for my apartment, my mom was adamant that I take things slow and make sure to purchase one that was legit.

This took me by surprise, because I didn’t know there were air purifiers out there on the market that weren’t safe to use.

I wasn’t sure if my mom was just worrying about fake news that she’d seen online, so I decided to do my own research. As it turns out, she was right! There weren’t necessarily fake air purifiers, but some of the cheap ones were causing more harm than good. These cheaply made air purifiers could make the air dry, causing unwanted coughing, headaches, and sore throats. It was especially dangerous for people suffering from asthma! I needed to find an air purifier that had great ratings, while also eliminating as much debri, bacteria, and viruses from the air in my apartment. I knew this wouldn’t be cheap, but I wasn’t sure if the landlord was still replacing my air filters, and I doubted he was using HEPA certified air filters. This is why I was interested in purchasing an UV air purifier. I’m glad I went out and purchased my UV air filter when I did, because when the virus got really bad, the air purifiers flew off the shelf. I’m one of the lucky ones who was able to purchase a certified UV air purifier over a cheaply made one, and I don’t take that for granted.
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I hired a digital marketing team to help

I have a cake decorating supplier that I run from my home, and so far, word of mouth has been all of the advertising that I have done, plus that’s been enough for myself and others up until this point, then my child graduated from private school plus she has decided that she wants to go into supplier with myself and others plus expand our offerings to include cupcakes plus cake pops, but i love all of her ideas, plus I’m pretty gleeful that she’s thinking about working with me! One of her ideas was to hire a social media management supplier to do a lot of their digital marketing services for us.

Apparently, when you suppose what you’re doing, you can use something called search engine optimization to help grow your web presence plus your supplier opportunities.

I had never heard of search engine optimization before; my knowledge is only in baking! I don’t suppose the first thing about web design, internet marketing, or search engine optimization services. It’s a wonderful thing that my child will be around to help grow our business, that’s for sure. She knows so much more about internet marketing plus social media management than I ever could figure out. I guess that I will just stick to the home office, figuring out up-to-date recipes plus decorating techniques. I will let my child take care of hiring a social media management supplier for us. I’m way more creative minded than supplier minded, so I hope she knows what she’s getting herself into! I’m straight-forward to work with but I will be the first to admit that I don’t suppose a thing about social media management!

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The hotel should be condemned

Last year, my wife and I took a vacation to the tropical islands. My wife and I we’re excited to spend six days on the beach, relaxing in the sand with our feet in the water. We made all the necessary reservations ahead of time, so we didn’t have anything to worry about once we arrived at our destination. My wife and I expected the hotel to look like the photos online. Unfortunately, the hotel was run down and looks like it should be condemned. My wife and I were afraid to ride the elevator, because it made a rickety and creaking noise every time it started moving. We took the stairs every day, even though our room was on the fifth floor. The worst part about the hotel was the central air conditioning system. Our room had a thermostat, which I thought was going to be a wonderful perk. Unfortunately, the thermostat didn’t seem to properly adjust the indoor temperatures. My wife and I had the air conditioner thermostat set to 70 degrees during the entire time we were there. Our room was still warm and humid and the air was stale and odiferous. We tried to complain to the front desk about the air conditioner problems, but they only offered us a free complimentary breakfast in the dining room. They didn’t have any extra rooms available and they didn’t seem interested in having a maintenance guy look at the problem. If we go to the islands again, we will definitely choose a different resort and hotel for our stay.

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The fish tank was sitting too close to the heater

My son wanted a fish tank for his bedroom, but my wife and I did not think he was responsible. He begged and pleaded for months and months. We made him wait until he was 10 years old and then we bought a nice tank of GloFish to place in his bedroom. Jake was responsible for feeding the fish and making sure that the tank was clean. Things went well for the first few days. Jake was excited to have the new fish, even if it meant a lot more responsibility. After we had the fish for a few months, they started to look sluggish. They weren’t swimming around the bowl as much and they seem to be half asleep most of the time. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the fish. I read some materials online and I found out that it could be the food. We tried a couple of different fish flakes, but the tiny creatures still looked tired and beat. I finally called a fish store to talk about the problem. They wanted to know if the fish tank was near a heater or radiator. I didn’t think about the placement of the fish tank. When I went into the bedroom, I realized that the fish tank was on the same wall as the radiator. When I moved the tank, I could feel a lot of heat on the bottom of the tank. We moved the fish to a different spot in the bedroom and they started to perk up. These freshwater fish did not prefer the heat of the radiator.

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I got lost in the neighborhood

Every time they build a new neighborhood, I am in charge of installing all of the HVAC ductwork.

I work for a commercial HVAC contractor that works specifically with new home builders. As soon as the outside parts of the house are finished, my crew and I come in to add the necessary ductwork and ventilation parts. A few weeks ago, I got lost trying to find one of the new neighborhoods. I left my house shortly after 7 and I didn’t arrive at work until after 9. I spent a lot of time and traffic, and I ended up getting off the interstate on the wrong exit. I had to drive 5 miles to the next exit in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I hit a red light every four or five minutes. When I finally got to the residential area, I had a difficult time finding the work location. We were in charge of adding ductwork to 3 brand new homes in the back of the development. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any roads back to the construction. My crew and I had to park up front and walk to the job. We had to carry all of our supplies. We wasted two hours walking from the truck to the houses. This was the first time that we encountered a problem such as this. I complained to the building contractor, but he didn’t seem to care about my problems. I told my boss that I didn’t think it was safe to return to that job site until they provided us with a parking area close to the house. Next week, we will see if it makes a difference.

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