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What is in an HVAC van?

Most companies require HVAC technicians to keep protective equipment in their vans/trucks at all times such as gloves, goggles, hard hats, first aid kits, and knee pads. I’ve gone for a lot of car rides recently and I’ve noticed many HVAC vans and trucks driving on the roads. I can tell that they are HVAC […]

Internet argument about air conditioning temperature

Sometimes when I am bored at home I read articles on social media and then read people’s comments about the article. Sometimes the comments are insightful and interesting and other times people argue with each other. The article I read was about ways to save on your electric bill in the hot summer months. The […]

Customer service is important for HVAC technicians

It’s very important for HVAC technicians to be formally trained in technical aspects of heating and cooling. There is no doubt that HVAC technicians need to be proficient in the hands on part of their job. They must know how to install heating and cooling, fix common heating and cooling problems, check to see if […]

Job as administrative assistant for HVAC company

I’ve been searching for an administrative assistant position for awhile. I’ve always wanted to work for a big company and help the boss out with their daily schedules, appointments and organization. Looking for a job isn’t easy and there is a lot of competition these days. Upon my long and daunting search, I found a […]