Mold in my house

The last thing anyone wants to deal with after a long day of travel is coming home to find that there has been mold growing in their house due to lack of air circulation.

  • While I was away on vacation, I didn’t think that there would be enough time for a mold infestation to take over the closet in my bedroom.

I didn’t even think to set the smart thermostat to turn the AC on periodically while I was away. If I would have just opened the app on my phone and turned the AC on while I was gone a few times, the mold situation might have never happened. The first thing I noticed when I stepped into my house after being away for 6 weeks was the awful smell. I knew that something wasn’t right. The air was thick and humid and it hit me that I had never even thought about what I would do with the AC while traveling. I looked around the kitchen thinking that maybe I had left out some food by mistake. When I walked into my bedroom,the smell gew even stronger. I opened the window in the bathroom and turned the air conditioner on, but it was too late. The mold had started to take over the walls and the door. The mold was terrible. It was all over my clothes and I immediately started to cough when I opened the closet. At this point, it was 10:00 at night and there was nothing I could do until the morning. I slept in the guest bedroom that night thinking about how I should have just used the app to control the thermostat while I was away all that time.

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