Geothermal heat isn’t really that great

I took my friend Harriet to a country known for being super cold but who utilizes geothermal heating. When I found that there was a giant public pool, gym and spa addition all using geothermal energy, I knew Harriet and I had to go. The gym was so wonderful. There were many rooms you could go into. One area was all the machines and weight training equipment. You could jog, row, climb and lift any type of weight. The other room was actually meant for yoga classes or kickboxing. It was an open floor with huge mirrors plus a few balls plus weighted ropes. There were a couple of bags strung up from the ceiling as well. I spent most of my time in that room stretching and trying out weird equipment. After an hour of working out, ther and I went down to the geothermally heated pool. I kind of figured the pool would be just like a hot tub. Nah, turns out geothermal heat isn’t all that great when it is 50 degrees outside. I was so grateful that I had gotten a wonderful workout in before. The pool was tepid at best. I tried swimming laps and treading water but was way too chilly. There were steam baths, hot tubs plus a sauna nearby to go in as well. My bestie tried those and complained that they were barely warm enough as well. The gym portion was the best part of the facility. I now know that when something talks being geothermally heated it means it is tepid.


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