Had air vents moved for doggie wheelchair

I am so happy with my new buddy.

I have been wanting to adopt a dog for so long, but the timing never felt right. I couldn’t find the dog of my dreams and I got discouraged trying. And then I saw Archie. Archie is an adorable little puppy available from one of the local shelters who has been contained to a doggie wheelchair. The moment that I saw his little face, my heart absolutely melted. I knew that I needed to adopt Archie right away. The only issue was figuring out how to set up my house for his special needs. Specifically, I found that my air vents were going to be a problem for Archie. Because he has to be in his wheelchair to get around, he needs flat ground. With the air vents coming up from my floor, he would sometimes get his wheels stuck in the grate. This meant one thing… I needed to retrofit my air ducts into the walls so that the air vents were not coming up from the floor. I knew it was going to be a massive heating and cooling project to renovate my central HVAC system at this point. However, I desperately wanted to make life as good as I could for Archie. I called out my local heating and cooling repair shop and told them about my mission. They were so kind at the heating and cooling business that they actually donated a lot of time and parts to my central HVAC renovation. These days, Archie and I are living with amazing indoor air quality and no pesky air vents to trap his wheels.
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