We were already overheated; then the AC system stopped working

Sometimes it can be very frustrating when unexpected events take place. I’m the sort of person who’s always busy and has my entire day planned out. This means, when an unexpected obstacle pops up it can really off that to my entire day. That’s when I start to get stressed out and frustrated. It really isn’t my finest hour when I get a hot head. Recently, this is exactly what happened when our air conditioning system broke down at the house. It was already a very busy and stressful day because we had a lot of outdoor work to do. Of course, if we have manual labor to perform outside it’s going to be 95° and equally humid. The sun was pounding all day and the air was oppressively humid to the extent of being unable to breathe. It was very challenging to be outside for any amount of time in that sweltering heat. Then, we had to work for 8 hours straight. The entire time, I was wishing that I was back in ice cold air conditioning and imagining how relieving it would be to step foot into high-quality indoor air. When our work was finally done and we came back to the house, however, there was no high-quality indoor air to speak of. Apparently, the air conditioning system had broken down while we were out working in the sun. Now, the house was even hotter than it was outside and the air was stagnant with humidity. As if it hadn’t already been a long and brutal day, and now we had to wait in the heat for the heating and cooling technician to come save us.

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