I’ve been running the dehumidifier on High

A few months ago I decided it was time to venture out and stay with my mom for a while. As long as the global environment was completely upset with quarantine, it seems like a good time to go visit my mother. I don’t often get up to see her. When I arrived, I knew there were going to be some challenges between us. We are both grown adults with very particular preferences about our living situations. One of the most difficult pieces of staying with her is enduring my mom’s constant supervision. She’s always watching over me and sometimes she still treats me like a child. That’s why I have been abusing her dehumidifier in the basement. I realized that if I hung out in the pool, dank basement I was less likely to have issues with my mother during my stay. The unfortunate part is the air is so moist that sometimes it feels too cold. I can’t effectively heat the air downstairs, but I can use the dehumidifier to remove some of the unnecessary airborne moisture. This also helps because the dehumidifier has a filtration system installed in it. The rudimentary air filtration device does a fairly good job in regards to filtering out my unfortunate habit… Smoking weed. Staying in my mom’s house, I have to worry about polluting her indoor air with my anxiety medication. Thankfully, with the dehumidifier running, I can easily remove most of the pungent airborne smell before it wafts up to the next floor. So far, this living situation has been working out as long as I keep my indoor air quality well managed.

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