I don’t think zone control will help our situation

My roommates and I are constantly fighting over the thermostat settings.

I like the temperature set to about 75 degrees all the time.

My roommate Becky, likes the temperature a lot higher. She likes it about 80°. Then there is Regan. Regan likes the temperature around 70 degrees. We’re always getting up and changing the thermostat. It’s not bad if only one or two of us is home but when all three of us are home, it’s a constant battle. Recently, Regan has taken it upon herself to call out an HVAC company and see if we can’t get it so that we’re all comfortable. She has decided to have zone control installed in the house. The only problem with that is that she didn’t ask me or Becky first. She just signed the paperwork and expects us to pay our portion. The HVAC company is coming on Monday to install the zone control. Don’t get me wrong, I think zone control would be great for this house. Then we can each set the temperature the way we like it in our own room. I don’t even think that the price of the zone control is that extreme. It’s just that I really can’t afford it right now. Besides, the zone control won’t really help for the living room. We still have to pick a temperature and stick with it in each room of the house. When we are all here together, we’re usually in the living room. So I really don’t see the point in paying all that money when we’re still going to be fighting over the thermostat in the end.


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