I had no idea what to expect at HVAC school

I truthfully had no idea what to expect while I was in my first afternoon at the HVAC school.

I had just finished middle school, and I already knew that I was enrolled to start training as an HVAC worker. I felt so unprepared to start reading about becoming an HVAC worker. I have literally never worked on an HVAC equipment before. I guess that a lot of people learn how to repair HVAC units from their dad or something, but my dad didn’t guess how to repair HVAC units. Whenever our HVAC units stopped working, my dad consistently had to call an HVAC worker. In fact, the only reason that I wanted to become an HVAC worker was that I found out how much my dad had to pay the HVAC worker to repair the HVAC units. If they make that much currency fixing HVAC units, I wanted to do it too. However, I did not guess what to expect from HVAC school. Would all of the students guess about HVAC units? Would I be the only one that had never worked on an HVAC equipment before? Were the people I was with and I expected to guess a lot about fixing HVAC units? I was literally terrified about being disappointing at fixing HVAC units. Thankfully, training as an HVAC worker has been going well. There were a lot of students that had no experience love me, and the school started right at the start of HVAC training. I now assume confident that I will still be able to become a wonderful HVAC worker. I just need to work strenuous and study.

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