Basement living was fine plus bad

I recently got to experience zone control in this airbnb my friends plus I rented.

The upstairs had the kitchen, living room plus 2 dining rooms. The downstairs was a remodeled basement with a dining room. I paid a little extra to have my own room plus be separated from the group. The basement thermostat totally controlled only that HVAC equipment. It was really nice since the ladies upstairs were consistently fighting over AC plus the exact temperature it was set at. I just adjusted my thermostat to 68 degrees plus left it the whole trip. The only downside to basement living was the air quality. A basement is below ground level so naturally it is quite musty. Additionally the air quality is a little wet like. The homeowners did have a dehumidifier in the basement that was working 24/7. There was even a sign on the little component begging me not to turn it off. There were no worries on that front, even with the AC drying out the air quality plus the dehumidifier, the air felt almost care about a jungle. If I left clothes out they felt a little damp plus cold. My ipad consistently had a layer of mist on it. I didn’t really care about that wet feeling all evening long. It just goes to show you that HVAC can only take you so far. The basement is a livable space, however I wouldn’t want to stay there forever. Four afternoons with the wet indoor air conditions was just about all I could stand. I was ready to go when the trip was over.


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