We might never get this house

The process of buying a house is one of the worst things I have ever gone through.

  • It is a huge financial decision, lots of paperwork and people all trying to screw the other one over.

I then get to go through this process with the worst penny pincher in the world. My boyfriend has trouble making any sort of purchase. Frequently he will go to the mall in order to buy something but leave empty handed. No price is ever satisfactory. Buying a home has become a real strain on our relationship. I believe we have found the perfect house. It has lots of land, very private and is near my parents. The house is big enough for a couple of kids and is fairly updated. I will admit the sellers are asking quite a bit for the house. They are around 30 grand too high and they refuse to haggle. The home inspection came in recently and the guy said the HVAC system is 17 years old and about to go. I had my boyfriend on board to just buy the house at an inflated price. Now that the HVAC device might not make it another year, he wants to leave the house. I think he just doesn’t want to buy the house. New HVAC equipment is around 6-8 grand. At this point, with all the money we are spending, that isn’t a make it or break it amount for me. My boyfriend is super angry and thinking the sellers are trying to screw us over with faulty heating and air.


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