My friend needs a humidifier

My friend needs a humidifier.

I told my friend when I was with her yesterday all about how she needs a humidifier, but she is still not convinced that she needs a humidifier.

The reason that I told her that she needs a humidifier is because she is having trouble with getting sick all of the time. I have spent the night at her house several times because she lives about an hour from me, and when I wake up in the morning at her house, I have a stuffy nose as well. I told her it is because she needs a humidifier. I used to have the same issue at my house, but when I started using a humidifier every night, I stopped having those issues. It was really nice to finally have relief from having a stuffy nose all of the time. My friend just doesn’t seem to think that a humidifier will solve her issues. She thinks that she has allergies all year round. I mean she could have allergies, but I think that she should at least try a humidifier. I think it would do her a lot of good. I wish that I would have started using a humidifier in my bedroom years and years ago. It has definitely changed my life. It is hard to believe that something as small as a humidifier could change my life. Humidifiers are so much more than they are made out to be. I hope that my friend will actually consider getting a humidifier. I even offered to let her borrow mine just to test and see if having a humidifier will actually help her.

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