Buying a ton of air filters for the indoor air purifier

My wife and I knew it was important to buy an indoor air purifier.

After all, both of us suffer from terrible seasonal allergies.

My wife is allergic to the grass, pollen, and a lot of animals. I am also allergic to grass and pollen, and I have a terrible allergy to the sun as well. My wife is asthmatic and she has shortness of breath and trouble breathing sometimes. Several years ago, we decided to buy an indoor air purifier for the house. It’s a large machine that is connected to the HVAC unit. Whenever the HVAC unit is running, the air purifier is also running. As the air runs through the HVAC unit, it is purified before it comes back out the other side of the air vents. The closed system loop allows no additional germs, bacteria, or dirt to enter the system. We have happily had our air purifier for several months, but now we are happier than ever. The virus has a lot of people scared and fearful, but my wife and I do not worry as much as others. If there are any germs or bacteria lurking inside of our home, the indoor air purifier will get rid of the pollutants. We even purchased a whole box of special HEPA air filters. We don’t usually spend extra money for the high efficiency air filters, but it seems necessary with everything going on in the world. We will switch back to a cheaper air filter when all of the world is no longer on lockdown. Until then, were going to buy the best air filter that our money can buy.


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