The air conditioners stopped working.

Last week my son was getting married.

We had everything set up and ready to go for the wedding except for the air conditioners.

We had installed four window air conditioners into the reception all so it would be at a comfortable temperature, but one three of them stopped working for some reason. I tried to fix them but they would not turn on. I took one of them to the HVAC store and asked if they could repair all three of the window air conditioners before the wedding the next day, but they said most of the HVAC technicians had already gone home for the day so they would only be able to fix one of the air conditioners that night. I left one of the air conditioners there and drove an hour to one of my friends’ house who is an HVAC mechanic. My friend agreed to help and started working on the air conditioners. I stood next to him and watched him take apart the air conditioner as he explained to me what the problem was and how to fix it. Apparently, both of the air conditioners needed a new part, so I quickly drove to the nearest HVAC store and arrived just before it closed. I ran into the store and asked the HVAC worker if they had the part I was looking for. After a short search, the worker brought me the parts I needed to fix the air conditioners. I rushed back to my friend’s house and he was able to finish fixing the window air conditioners within an hour. When the wedding day came, we had all four window air conditioners working perfectly.



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