Booked room for meeting; no one told me the AC was broken

It drives me crazy that people are so bad at communicating.

I admit that I can also be difficult, but mostly because I’m avoidant.

Other humans seem more than happy to run their mouths, but they might not transmit any useful information the entire time they’re flapping their jaws. This is what frustrates me beyond belief. We don’t need small talk and chit chat, just tell me the important facts and let’s get on with our days. This is exactly what happened recently when I tried to rent out a room at my local rec center. I was having a meeting for my online community and we needed a comfortable place with abundant indoor air quality control so everyone could meet up. Normally, we meet at a park and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. These days, it’s so hot and humid outside that we absolutely require the use of a powerful cooling system if we’re going to have quality time together. When I called the rec center to reserve the room for the afternoon, the woman on the phone was very friendly. In fact, she wouldn’t stop talking about how hot it has been, how her kids were enjoying the air conditioning at home, and how she couldn’t wait to go swimming. Never in that conversation did she mention that the central cooling system at the rec center had broken down. Of course, when we arrived there two days later that’s exactly what we found. The rec center was just as hot and humid as the air outside, and yet nobody had bothered to mention this complete AC unit failure. Unreal.


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