And then it fell straight out of the window

For the past several months my husband and I have realized that things weren’t going well in our home life.

Don’t get me wrong, we are fine.

We get along without any issues for the most part. But the one thing that was starting to drive us crazy was the indoor air quality and our terrible central heating and cooling system. When we moved into this house the AC unit was only five years old and we expected to get a lot of use out of the cooling system. Unfortunately, it turns out the AC unit was too small for the size of the home. This meant, we put a lot of extra wear and tear on the AC unit through normal temperature control settings. Unfortunately, this deteriorating air conditioning system began having an effect on our indoor air quality. There were uneven temperature fluctuations and hot and cold patches all day. But the real trouble was getting our room cool enough to sleep at night. No matter what we did, it seems like we couldn’t get enough high-quality indoor air pumped into the bedroom for us to get a restful night of sleep. Eventually, we decided it would be wise to get an AC window unit to help keep our bedroom cool at night. I did a lot of research and waited for the perfect deal to show up on Craigslist before we purchased our small AC window unit. I was so excited at the new cooling system that I decided to install it myself before my husband got home. Everything was going great and the AC unit was working like a dream. And then… It fell straight out of our two-story window on the second day of use.