Get blackout curtains; they’ll save your sleep

I’m one of those unlucky humans who is not good at sleeping. I don’t understand how people can lay down on a couch or a bed and immediately drift off for the night. I’ve never been blessed in this area and I don’t know if that will ever change. I have found a few things that help me to sleep better, though. The major thing that I know I absolutely need a super cool and dry environment to sleep in. I like to have ice cold air all around me so that I can snuggle up in my blankets and feel very safe and secure. Additionally, it helps when the air is moving to some degree instead of staying stagnant. I like the feeling of a breeze across my body so I can hide from it in my warm bed. Lastly, I can tell you that I definitely need some kind of blackout curtain in order to sleep properly. I can’t get a single wink unless my room is perfectly dark. Thank God, it turns out that there are blackout insulating curtains which helped you and both of these realms. With my blackout insulating curtains I’m able to keep my bedroom cooler all day long by blocking out the sun lights. Rather than having pounding hot conventional heat entering my bedroom all day, which forces the air conditioning system to work harder at night, I can prevent the heat from rising in the first place. My blackout curtains do a great job to insulate my high quality indoor air from my central AC system, and they work wonders for keeping my room beautifully dark all evening and morning.