When you have to hire an HVAC tech, make sure of this

Whenever you have to hire an HVAC technician to do some work at your home or your business, then make sure that they have good communication skills.

  • I know that most people probably don’t think that much about communication skills when it comes to hiring a heating and air conditioning professional.

But I learned the hard way a couple of months ago that communication skills in HVAC professionals are much more important than I ever really realized. I ended up having some issues with my central air conditioning system in my house. The weather was just starting to heat up and the temperature outside was getting really warm. Of course, that’s the minute that the central A/C unit in my house conked out and stopped working. I never have any issues with the air conditioning unless the weather is super hot outside. I think that’s pretty annoying, but I guess it also makes a lot of sense. People don’t tend to use their home’s cooling system unless it’s hot outside in the first place. And of course, you don’t know that your A/C isn’t working unless you turn it on! Anyway, the minute I realized that the A/C was torn up, I called and made an appointment with my local HVAC business. The HVAC technician showed up for the A/C repair appointment and he fixed it, but he never told me what the problem was or how much it was going to cost me to get it fixed. I ended up being very surprised by a huge cooling repair bill in the mail a few days later.


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