When you don’t feel well in the summer, A/C really helps

Getting sick during the summer is not fun at all.

Getting sick is never fun, but for some reason getting sick when it is hot out just makes you feel even worse.

Having a fever makes your body feel hot and cold at the same time, you want to be under a blanket and eat hot soup. None of those things are comfortable in the heat. Air conditioning really helps if you are sick during the summer. If you are lucky enough to have central air conditioning or even a window air conditioner unit for the room you are staying in, it will cool the room down so you feel more comfortable when you are resting. The air conditioner will also remove any humidity from the air so you won’t have the feeling of damp sticky air on top of being sick. If you happen to get sick in the summer, you should also make sure your air conditioner filter and vents are clean. You should do this because if the air conditioner filter and vents are full of dust, dust and other harmful particles will float around in the air. If you are already congested, breathing in harmful particles will make you feel worse and it will take longer for you to get better. Of course, it is best to avoid getting sick all together. You can do this by strengthening your immune system. Getting enough rest, staying away from others who are sick, washing your hands and eating healthy are some ways you can make your immune system strong. Hopefully you won’t get sick in the summer heat, but if you do your air conditioner will help you feel better.

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