Hoping air conditioning works if we go back to school

Due to COVID-19, schools across the country shut down in March to slow the spread and to keep students, teachers and families safe.

There are plans of reopening in many states in the fall.

Where I live in the south, school starts in early August which is the most hot and humid time of year. My school has had issues with both air conditioning and heat in the past so I am hoping routine HVAC maintenance is completed prior to school starting. There aren’t official plans yet but I have read plans from other states that are going back. In some other states both students and teachers will be required to wear masks throughout the day. The desks must face the same direction and students will need to be separated as far as possible. I did not see any mention of HVAC in the plans however, HVAC can be an important tool in making the transition of going back safer and easier. It’s important that states with hot weather during the start of the school year make sure that the air conditioning is working in classrooms. Wearing masks make it harder to breathe for some teachers and students. Being in a hot and humid environment without air conditioning may cause some teachers and students to want to remove their masks which could cause increased risk of infection. Also, UV lights can be installed in HVAC systems to kill germs and bacteria in moving air which can help prevent infection from spreading. As a teacher, I am concerned about the health and safety of my students and myself. HVAC can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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