Hard to set aside money for electric bill in the summer

As a teacher in the county where I work, you have two options for payment. You can either get paid the full amount for 10 months or you can do summer pay which is when a small amount of money is deducted from each of your checks and then given to you for the summer. Most teachers choose to do summer pay because they don’t have a summer job or they need the additional income for the time when school is out. I personally choose to do summer pay. As soon as I receive my summer pay, I set aside money for rent, car payment, car insurance, gas, groceries and electric bill. It is difficult to determine the exact amount of money to set aside for my electric bill so I do my best to guess. The reason why it is difficult is because my electric bill tends to fluctuate during the summer months. I live in the south and it is extremely hot and humid in the summer. I typically keep my air conditioning on throughout the day and turn it even cooler at night. However, sometimes during the day when it gets really hot I turn the thermostat down more. Some days if I know I won’t be home I turn it up a little bit more but I still keep it on so it isn’t unbearably hot and humid when I come back home.My eclectic bill is always high in the summer so I typically set aside more money than I need for it but it’s better to be prepared. If we didn’t need constant air conditioning I could save money but that is part of living in the south.

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