Internet argument about air conditioning temperature

Sometimes when I am bored at home I read articles on social media and then read people’s comments about the article.

Sometimes the comments are insightful and interesting and other times people argue with each other.

The article I read was about ways to save on your electric bill in the hot summer months. The article mentioned that you should get maintenance done on your HVAC system to make sure it’s working properly, make sure the fan in your air conditioning isn’t running all the time and to use blinds/curtains to keep sunlight out. It also discussed the average electric bill and temperature set in different parts of the country. I proceeded to read the comments and people got into a full blown argument about what temperature they set their thermostats at in the summer. Someone from the Northwest wrote that she keeps her thermostat at 90 degrees in the summer. She stated that if it’s 100 degrees outside then she will feel cooler if it’s 90 degrees in her home. Another person commented on her post and wrote that she lives in the same area and keeps her air conditioning set to the low 70’s in the summer and doesn’t mind paying the extra money because it keeps her comfortable and clean. This started a whole argument because the original commenter thought the person responding was saying she wasn’t clean because she keeps her thermostat set so high. A neutral commenter chimed in and said it is a personal decision what temperature you want to keep your thermostat set to for your family. It is also a personal decision how much money you feel comfortable spending on your electric bill. I agreed with that statement because everyone is different and has a different definition of indoor air comfort.

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