First date was ruined when A/C stopped working

I met a guy named Matt on a dating app during quarantine.

Once my state lifted lockdown and started opening up restaurants, Matt asked if we could meet for lunch, to go for a walk and then maybe to get ice cream after.

I was nervous for a few reasons. I haven’t left my house in months and I’ve never gone on a date with a stranger from a dating app before. I decided that it was worth it to give it a try, got ready and brought my facemask just in case. Matt and I decided to sit outside for lunch but we live in the south and it’s really hot and humid especially in the summer and during lunchtime. The waitress said the restaurant is partially open inside and we can move inside if we wanted to. We decided to move inside and I noticed it felt slightly cooler , but not the typical refreshing feeling of walking into air conditioning that I normally get. I figured maybe it was because I was so overheated outside or because I’m nervous. Some time went on and Matt and I had great conversation, but I noticed that the air conditioning didn’t feel like it was on at all and I was sweating so much. I went to the bathroom and that’s when I realized my underarms were sweating visibly through my shirt. I was so embarrassed and I kept wondering why the A/C wasn’t on in this restaurant. As I walked back to the table I overheard a waitress say the A/C stopped working and they’re waiting on the HVAC company to arrive. I was so hot and embarrassed I decided to end the date and go home to my air conditioned house.