Job as administrative assistant for HVAC company

I’ve been searching for an administrative assistant position for awhile.

I’ve always wanted to work for a big company and help the boss out with their daily schedules, appointments and organization.

Looking for a job isn’t easy and there is a lot of competition these days. Upon my long and daunting search, I found a job posting for an Administrative Assistant at an HVAC company. After reading the job description I was a bit nervous to apply. The requirements stated that the candidate must have a good knowledge of HVAC. At the time I didn’t have a good knowledge of HVAC other than it has something to do with heating and cooling. The job appealed to me because it was full time with benefits. I decided to apply and at the same time research as much about HVAC as possible in the event that I got an interview. I ordered a book on HVAC and read a lot online. About a week later I got called to come in for an interview for the HVAC company. I was nervous when I went to the interview. Tom was the hiring manager who conducted my interview. He asked me several questions about why I’m interested in the position, my experience and of course he asked me about my HVAC knowledge. “What do you know about HVAC?” he said. I started to get anxious but then I remembered what I read and studied for the last week. I told him everything I remembered such as: HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, your company provides customers with services such as installation of wiring for heating and cooling systems in homes, resetting thermostats, repairing heat and air conditioning systems, and repairing refrigeration systems. I got the job for the HVAC company!


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