My neighbor has the loudest A/C condenser unit

The lake dwelling that I just moved into has a bunch of positives & setbacks all throughout.

If I had to start with the most positive features, I’d say that the view out the back is entirely wonderful. Even though I’m on the first floor, there is a huge lake behind our complex that is actually home to many different species of birds, fish, otters, & other woodland wildlife. The only other positive that I can actually think about is the amazing price I paid to get the unit. Regrettably, this venue is in many ways in complete disrepair. There was considerable destruction to the drywall in many different sites. I had to fill the holes & refinish the surface before adding a current coat of paint. Then I ripped up all of the outdated & nasty carpeting from the 1970s & threw it all into the dumpster outside. I had boxes of laminate flooring ready to install that I was able to find on clearance at a local hardware store. These were issues in my control; the worst aspects are the things far beyond my control. The noise I hear from above everyday is unnerving, & the noise in our bedroom from our neighbor’s Heating, Ventilation, & A/C condenser. Regrettably, both of our condensers are directly along the wall that separates our bedroom from the back of the complex. The window a couple of feet down on the same wall lets in a great deal of the noise, especially during the evening hours. Some Heating, Ventilation, & A/C condenser units aren’t especially loud, while some older machines might make a bunch of noise as their fans oscillate. I do wish they would replace their air conditioner appliance already, because our condenser is almost twice as sizable however is about half as loud when you make the comparison.


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