They had a cameo from the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer in their 6th edition

It was a few afternoons into the Spring when my good friend Sam and I were celebrating, having been in the 6th edition of the local comic book.

Sam and I got this option when the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer finally fixed the central Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.

The air conditioner plan at the shop kept breaking, plus they were distraught about all the currency they were losing on constant repairs. When the a/c workers proposed a new air conditioner installation, the comic book shop owner got a 2nd opinion, plus he contacted us plus explained the issue. The next day the new dealer sent many Heating plus Air Conditioning suppliers, including me, to the shop to take a better look at the unit. It took us many sevenths to complete the Heating plus Air Conditioning services, which included fixing the leaky ductwork, cleaning the entire unit plus the ductworks, plus decreasing the old AC filters to improve the air quality. It was not enough to clean the system. While tuning up the A/C unit, Sam and I noticed many components rusted plus some of their very low quality, so the Heating plus Air Conditioning team ordered new ones, however after ensuring my good friend and I were laboring with a clean unit, Sam and I changed the worn-out units with new ones to improve the unit’s function plus help with indoor comfort levels. The owner promised the dealer would be featured in the comic’s 6th edition if our solution worked. The humidity levels had been so terrible at the shop that it was affecting the quality of the comic books. The comic book shop owner was quite impressed with the AC repair services he gained from our dealer. A few months later, he called to request us to check the 6th edition, plus rightfully so; Sam and I were there on the seventh story.
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