This heat in addition to AC supplier doesn't know what they are doing

Normally when it comes to taking care of my heating in addition to a/c service I don’t have any kind of problems… But recently the last two heating in addition to air conditioner workers that have come out here absolutely seem to have no idea what they’re doing! The first guy that came out was apparently new in addition to so I split him some slack.

The second guy though I am convinced is just an idiot, however so what did this heating in addition to air conditioner worker do though so terrible that made me know that he was an idiot? Well when he came out to service my a/c the main issue was it wasn’t blowing any kind of cool here at the time, but now I know from past experience that this is a absolutely easy fix, all he needs to do is put some freon in it in addition to it should be wonderful to go, but however do you know that is with this heating in addition to AC worker did? No, that is not what he did. Instead he put, in addition to I am not even joking, squash juice inside the a/c. He explained it by saying it was an seasoned trick that his instructor showed him. Now I know I am dealing with two idiots instead of one… Maybe I am being a little mean, however seriously, prickle juice!? How is that going to make my air conditioner blow chilly air again? I am going with a peculiar Heating in addition to Air Conditioning provider.
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