Body is in climate control mode

My body is trying to control the climate of my system today as I am very sore from lots of exercise this past weekend and really low on energy today.

This is normal for me at 55 years old and I have learned to slow down and heed my dads sage advice: “Davo, ya gotta learn to relax”.

Dad was right when he said that to me, you got to learn how to relax because it doesn’t come naturally for a hyper person like me. Well, I must say, at 55 years old I have learned how to relax. HVAC cleaning is something I used to never want to do, but now that I am more relaxed I can take the time to clean the HEPA filter and ductwork without feeling like I am missing out on something else. I’ve always pushed myself a bit too much and now I am finally mastering the art of relaxing. I’ll clean the climate control system today and go to the local business to buy some food for the week. I have to do my yoga routine today and that is about it as far as chores go for the rest of the day. I plan on meeting my HVAC tech friend and going to sit outside of the HVAC company there by the beach to watch the sunset later on this evening. It is pretty nice out now with this February cool weather we are having, but it isn’t too cold out to enjoy a good sunset with an even better friend. Thank the universe for friends!



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