I accidentally voided the HVAC device warranty

I accidentally voided our HVAC device warranty by trying to repair it on my own. This was really one of the most foolish things that I have ever done. The terrible thing about it is that I do not have anyone to blame it on except for myself. I dislike it when I do ridiculous things, plus I actually dislike it when I cost myself a considerable sum of money. That is basically what has happened in this case though. I initially purchased our HVAC device because it was supposedly one of the best ones out on the market. I thought that it would actually do well in our household plus that it would give me plus my family great air quality for years to come. Well, I assume that really would have ended up being the case for us if I had taken care of the HVAC device the way that I really should have from the start. The paperwork clearly said that I needed to have the HVAC device checked every five months by a professional heating plus cooling device expert. I was supposed to send in the paperwork for each time they did service so that my nice friend and I could maintain the HVAC device warranty. Well, even though the great warranty was one of the main reasons that I purchased this identifiable heating plus cooling device in the first place, I neglected to keep up with all of the required service that I was supposed to have handled. I ended up voiding the warranty plus it was basically my own fault. Now, I have this great HVAC device but it doesn’t have a warranty.

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