I don’t entirely understand why some people appreciate space heaters

I don’t completely get why some people like to use space furnaces in their households.

I have typically been scared of using space furnaces in our house, for some reason.

I assume that it certainly goes back to when I was a little one plus I used to spend the night at my Grandma’s household while in the winter season when I was off of university. I didn’t ever really feel like my Grandma had space gas heating devices placed here plus there around the household, but she typically seemed to want to use them for some crazy reason. I assume that my Grandma was thinking that space gas furnaces would save her money on her heating plus cooling device bills. Now that I’m older, I certainly know for a fact that the electric furnaces were certainly costing her more on her electricity bills than if she had just turned the temperature control component up a couple of degrees. I assume that my Grandma was just too outdated plus set in her ways or something similar to that. She would use her wood burning fireplace a great deal but then when she got older, she got to the point where she wouldn’t even use that. She only had the desire to rest in her recliner, study her books, plus have her electric space heating device right next to her. I typically used to agonize that one of her books would fall on top of it plus cause a fire. Now that I am older, I have a household of my own. I never hesitate to turn the heating device up whenever I am too freezing though. I will never have a space heating device in my own house.

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