Our parents never wanted to pay the heating bills

Our parents never wanted to pay the heating bills whenever we were growing up.

They had plenty of money to pay the bills with, but they just chose to spend all of that money on other things.

They always told us to put on a sweater and to put extra socks on and things like that instead of turning the thermostat up so that the furnace would run more. I guess that’s just the way that they were, though. They preferred that we use the wood burning fireplace in the living room and the wood stove instead of the electric furnace to heat the house in the winter. My brothers and sisters and I would always complain about how cold it was in our house during the winter, but our parents just never felt sorry for us for some reason. They said that we were warm enough that we wouldn’t freeze, and I guess that was true enough. We may not have been all that warm and toasty during the cold winters at our house when we were growing up, but we didn’t freeze to death, either. I guess that was good enough for us. Looking back on it, we were probably a lot healthier than most people because we had to use a whole lot of body heat to keep ourselves warm during the winter. I think that it really improved our immune systems when we were kids, honestly. I think that our parents were kind of cheap when it came to paying the heating bills, but I guess they had their reasons for it.


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