We could not have choir practice without a furnace

It was way too cold in the choir room last week to have our regular choir practice.

We usually practice on Wednesday nights from 8 until 9 and we get everything ready for Sunday morning during that time.

However, this past week, we weren’t able to get anything done because of the fact that it was so cold there in the choir room. We aren’t used to that kind of temperature in the choir room, that’s for sure! We usually have the temperature setting around 70 degrees and that’s where all of us like it. The people in the choir are all older ladies and most of us are cold all the time. That’s especially true around this time of the year. The weather has been way colder around here this year than it usually is. I think that we must be experiencing some climate change because it seems like our climate is definitely cooling off. Anyway, we were supposed to be getting everything ready for church services on Sunday and we were not able to get anything done because it was so cold in the choir room. We couldn’t go and practice anywhere else in the building, either, because the acoustics are terrible everywhere else in the building. The maintenance guy at church really dropped the ball on this. It’s really one of the only things that he has to do during the week. I don’t know why he didn’t get the heating system fixed in the choir room. That was such an annoying night for us in the choir!


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