Growing a beard and fires in a fireplace

Part of me just wants to grow a big beard and move to a mountain and become a woodsman.

I get tired of the rat race and all of the technology drawing me away from nature, only to steal another chunk of my time without much being accomplished. It seems like everyone is trying to acquire as many possessions as they can, yet they still don’t ever seem satisfied with where they are and what they have. Will it ever be enough? This is what makes me want to go out and live deliberately in nature to get in touch. HVAC sales and service is my job right now, but I am way more interested in moving to a log cabin and making fires in a fireplace in the winter to stay warm. I would have a nice pet dog and a lovely lady to keep me company as we live off of the land and make our own world far away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. I don’t need a central heating system if I have a fireplace, and living in the mountains in the northern part of the country would not require the use of an air conditioner. I could just have a couple fans in the cabin if it got warm in the summer and we would all be fine. Maybe this is a pipe dream and I will just keep on doing my HVAC tech work at the local business for the rest of my life. But it is nice to have dreams, and you never know if they could come true if you don’t ever take the time to dream.

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