The hotel clerk called with my credit card

I went to the hotel downtown on 5th street to help with an AC problem.

  • The hotel calls the AC business anytime they have trouble with the cooling equipment.

All of the apartments are connected to AC units that are actually located on the roof of the building. Sometimes damage can occur to these AC units and the commercial AC repair business takes care of the problems. I must have spent at least five or six hours working on the commercial property. I was up and down the elevator several times. I had lunch inside of the hotel bar. At some point, I must have lost my credit card. The hotel called my personal number which was listed on the back of my business card. I always give commercial properties my home business number just in case they have questions. The hotel called the business number and left a voicemail. My wife heard the voicemail. She was very angry and upset when she heard a message from a local hotel that had my credit card. She thought that something must have been going on. I told my wife that we did a job down there and she was relieved. The next time I am working at the hotel, I’m going to make sure that I lock my wallet inside of the truck. It would actually be better if I did that anyways, because I have a tendency to lose things. My credit card is not the first thing that I’ve even lost at that particular hotel. I lost my ID here last month, but I never told anyone.

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