A ductless mini split system

Tonight the temps are going below zero once again, below zero if you are using the Celsius scale like we do here in Europe.

  • I found a really easy way to convert from Celsius to Farhenheit though, simply take the temp in Celsius and double it and then add exactly 30 to that to give you the F temp to almost exactly what it normally is with the confusing formula.

So if it is 15C, that means it would be 15 x 2 + 30 or 60F. It isn’t exact, however it is really close, and I have my heating and A/C pro acquaintance to thank for telling me the formula. If it is 78F and you want to convert back to C, simply subtract 30 from it and divide that by multiple, which would supply you 24C. The heating corporation uses that formula a lot, she told me, especially when working on a smart temperature control that is using C instead of F. I am going to be getting a zoned heating and A/C plan put in my flat at the start of next year once my crypto money has maxed out and I’ve taken it out of the purse. I want to wait till the end of this year to pull out the money because they say that is when it will reach its peak. I’d also like a mini split a/c unit for next summer time, as my room gets a bit too warm to sleep at night and I don’t want to run the main heating and A/C unit and waste a bunch of money cooling the whole flat.

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