I am so gleeful to have air conditioning in our camper again

I am so gleeful to have air conditioning in our camper again.

I had air conditioning in our camper for years.

It was the air conditioning idea that was built into the camper, however it stopped toiling last summer. That air conditioning idea was nice because there were vents all throughout the camper that made the camper cool pretty evenly. When that air conditioning idea stopped toiling, I knew that I would never be able to find another means of air conditioning that would be so spread out. I did some research, plus I found that a lot of people simply used window air conditioning units in their campers whenever the air conditioning idea died. I decided to try it out. I bought a nice window air conditioning unit for a very fantastic price, plus I put it in the camper. I was a little skeptical at first because I was afraid that the air conditioning system would not be able to keep the entire camper cool since it was just 1 air conditioning system in 1 arena, plus there were no Heating plus Air Conditioning vents for it to blow through to evenly distribute the cool air. I am so ecstatic that I was wrong about that window air conditioning unit. It turned out to toil very nicely. The air conditioning system legitimately keeps our camper even cooler than the original air conditioning idea did. I am so ecstatic because I was seriously sad that I would never find a solution to our boiling camper. I could have never camped in there without any source of air conditioning because it simply would have been way too hot. I certainly would have had a heat stroke.

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