I inadvertently called the wrong heating and cooling dealer

I believe it’s bad, because I made a pretty big mistake and ended up wasting the time of a heating and air conditioner contractor! Not only did I waste the air conditioner corporation’s time, however I am still dealing with heating and cooling difficulties myself… That is because my air conditioner is not repaired yet; let myself and others explain! However, a month ago, when I was setting up the heating plus air conditioning appointment, I called the local air conditioner contractor; however, somehow I managed to get the numbers mixed up and instead of calling the local heating and air conditioner business in my area, I managed to call a heating contractor over 500 miles away from me! They were in a really weird state than I was, and I didn’t catch this mistake, and neither did they, until the disappointing air conditioner worker was out there looking for my nonexistent address… Then of course the address I gave him didn’t exist in his area, so the air conditioner worker was stuck in the hot weather, driving around for a long time looking for something that wasn’t even there, but they finally realized the error, and called me.

I felt so incredibly disappointed for making the mistake, and the air conditioner contractor ended up charging myself and others a small fee for basically a missed appointment.

I did not mind too much, I just wish I had caught the mistake sooner! Now I have to call the actual local air conditioner contractor and get an appointment. Not only that, however I am still stuck separate from the air conditioner for the time being, until the local cooling supplier can make its way to my locale.


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