Ben needed to understand why the A/C was frigid

Ben plus her wife had been married for only 2 years.

As a long haul truck driver, Ben is far away from her condo for afternoons on end.

So, this is an area of why it took him so long to get married, plus hopefully start a family, then Ben met Marie at a truck stop in another state when she went into this restaurant to buy some food. Ben took it upon himself to complement her, plus they struck up a conversation. She had been working as a waitress at the restaurant, plus she promised to pass by after her drop. Ben came back, plus they began communicating, until she popped the question about a year later. Now, they’re happily married plus Marie moved to Ben’s condo state where they purchased a home together. Before they started a family, they wanted to do some renovations to the house. One section of focus was the front study room which Marie wanted to modernize. One afternoon when Ben was away for work, Marie phoned him plus said there was an issue with the air conditioning. Ben was too far away to take a look, so she asked Marie to explain what she saw in the central cooling system. Marie took a look plus said it seemed there was ice forming on it. Ben wanted to understand why the A/C was frigid up, so Ben recommended Marie to phone the local Heating plus AC. Once the Heating plus A/C expert arrived, she did a thorough evaluation plus said they had a refrigerant leak which was causing ice to form. When the ice had thawed out, the Heating plus A/C expert had to repair the refrigerant lines to stop this from happening again.

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