The A/C professional was right on time

My fiance Ed plus I prefer spending time at her house.

I live in a small home in a distressed section of the city while Ed owns a condo away from the chaos.

This has become a sanctuary for us when Ed and I need some peace plus quiet. Many times he’s asked me to move in plus live with him. But, I recognize that it’s best to wait until Ed and I are married to start living together. It’s funny how I keep insisting on this plus I am barely ever at my apartment, when Wednesday comes, Ed is regularly at my door to get me so I can go spend the weekend at her place. Last week, I got off from work late, so by the time my buddy and I went to my place to occasion a few things plus get to her home it was pretty late. Ed was the 1 who noticed there was an issue with the air conditioning in her home. Ed regularly leaves it running while my buddy and I in the afternoon when she leaves for work. However, the home was muggy plus hot because the air conditioning unit had failed. I didn’t want to imagine how uncomfortable it would get trying to sleep in the home on such a humid summer time evening. Thankfully, Ed has an annual repair agreement with a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor that includes 24-hour emergency repairs. All she had to do was call the local Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor plus book for a heating plus A/C pro to come to her house. The heating plus A/C professional was fast getting to Ed’s home plus got to work fixing the faulty air conditioning for us. She gets a 5 star review because she was fast, friendly, plus very efficient.
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