How does a card access system work?

I was talking to our home security company representative as well as I told him I had read about a vehicle access system, as well as keyless entry for the home, but he asked myself and others if I had ever been to a hotel? I chuckled as well as told him I had been to them multiple times.

He told myself and others the small ATM card that you swipe to get into your home, is a card access system! They have cards for inside buildings to get into particular rooms, as well as all those cards are preprogrammed! Although it seems like a simple process; waving the access card over the black box, or putting it in the slot, the receiver detects as well as confirms the credentials as well as opens the door.

There are multiple components that make up the card access system, you must have a key card or key that has all of your particular credential programmed into it. The card reader will access those credentials as well as pass them to the controller. The controller will then authenticate the card as well as compare the credentials with the permissions for this user; If the door unlocks, that man has permission to enter that room. If the door doesn’t unlock, the man who is trying to enter the room doesn’t have permission. I could not think that a small key fob or card could hold enough information to keep a thief or someone looking to do harm, from entering a room. A card access method was a lovely way to obtain more security. If keyless entry in the home was area of a card access system, I wanted it installed.


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