Free HVAC maintenance for the winner of the contest

Last year, I was posted to a farmer’s state to open a branch of the Heating and Air Conditioning device business I work for.

It was fall when I arrived in the state, but it looked essentially like the start of winter.

I made a point of interacting with the people, including studying about their culture, but we started by vending Heating and Air Conditioning devices, offering free replacement for the 100th customer. It was a farmer in one of the towns, and she had traveled to the neighborhood to purchase our heat pump. When the residents learned about us, we expanded our services to include heat pump repair and furnace/heater repairs, and one of the oldest frosty season ceremonies in the state was the racing sheep ceremony… Farmers would bring out their sheep, and the sheep would race. The winning sheep would win a contract to supply mutton to the neighborhood for more than five months. We gave free Heating and Air Conditioning device maintenance to the winning team’s owner free Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance to market the business. The ceremony saw several farmers come from other towns to join. As a business, we were honestly determined to help with indoor comfort by providing quality heating to all the residents in that state… Besides, we were champions in heating and knew more about heating devices than most. When we announced our ceremony sponsorship, the residents cheered in appreciation. Our Heating and Air Conditioning device repair workers and professionals worked behind the scenes to ensure they were coordinated to supply quality repair to the referrals the ceremony would earn us. The owner of the winning sheep had a heating device that benefited from the free tune-up. We also provided a dozen furnace filters for use in the near future. Our Heating and Air Conditioning device inventory was stocked out within a week after the ceremony. We had finally achieved what we initially set out to do.
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